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Expect vegan recipes celebrating the use of wholesome, local ingredients (free from refined sugar, with lots of options for other dietary restrictions as well). I also post related information and personal experiences on where I eat as a vegan when I’m out!


sayang (sah-yung): a Malay word with no direct English translation describing the feelings of love and endearment. As a verb, noun and pronoun, it is a familiar term used in Malaysia to convey affection – I sayang you colloquially meaning I love you, or calling someone sayang meaning darling or dear.

Intimacy, warmth and the familiarity of love are feelings I want to exude through this blog, and use as inspiration to write about food in a loving, nurturing way. By creating and sharing healthy vegan recipes and information, I hope to change my love/hate relationship with food to one that encompasses a holistic understanding of its ability of nourish and heal..  



Vegan now for 4 years and vegetarian for 6 before that, I started (and still practice) this lifestyle for ethical reasons however the health benefits that have come with it have been a blessing too. In my final year of studying History & Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent, I also became a head chef at a healthy brunch restaurant called KITCH. It was an invaluable opportunity that opened my eyes to the possibilities of sharing good food (that just so happens to be healthy and vegan) with others.

I want to shatter the perception that the vegan diet is restrictive and shed light on the abundance of local, plant-based ingredients we take for granted. This is very much a personal learning process for me as well so I hope you enjoy following me as I explore what we can do when we take advantage of the benefits of eating wholesome, healthy food!



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