Photo Diary: Cameron Highlands

It’s funny how in the process of glorifying and seeking the things furthest from us, we overlook what we have right at our fingertips – the places that someone else in the world might be admiring from afar, yet we neglect despite having the ease of accessibility. Having lived in Malaysia for almost 10 years now, Cameron Highlands is a place I assumed to have grown to know pretty well but it was only recently that I realised I’d never been myself.

With Gab home for summer and an unexpected public holiday (Malaysia Boleh), my family decided to head up to the highlands to get out of KL for a day. Nestled in the hills of Pahang, Cameron Highlands is known for it’s valleys of tea leaves and strawberry farms with it’s fertile lands and unique climate making it an ideal location for agriculture endeavours to flourish.

As we only went for a day and the itinerary really just involved going from place to place, instead of rambling on I’ll let the photos be the main feature and link all the places I visited down below. If you need any more detail feel free to leave a comment! xxx

Boh Tea.jpgIMG_8089-2IMG_8103-3IMG_8087-8-2IMG_8116-16-2BTVW0586.jpgTaman_2Processed with VSCO with a6 presetTaman agro6.jpgStrawIMG_8187-8IMG_8196-11Cactus valley_2IMG_8207-14Flowers.jpgPink flowers_4Pink flowers_3StrawbProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetCameron Valley_8IMG_8381-6NSHU1450 copy.jpg

+ Boh Tea Plantation – (there are two locations, Sungei Palas is the one with more to do but we went to the wrong one so make sure to check where you’re going!)

+ Cactus Valley and a nearby strawberry farm

+ Kok Lim Stawberry Farm

+ Cameron Valley Plantation



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