Cherry & Almond Adzuki Bean Brownies (GF)

Truth be told, I’ve been pretty inconsistent with posting recently. Mostly because I’ve had a few other things to do but also because I’ve been experimenting with this recipe over and over again, trying to get it right. So finally, after weeks of non-stop brownies here we are. Fudgey but not mushy, chocolately but still red beany, and so ~extra~ these brownies are a perfect balance of textures and flavours, and a great way to turn up the notch on your regular ol’ brownies. They’re a fair bit of work but totally worth it if you’ve got some time on your hands, and great for the holidays if you’re in the mood to show off!

IMG_6837-12.jpgFlourless brownies have established themselves as a favourite in the world of healthy treats – the thought of using sweet potatoes or black beans in brownies is no longer met with as much scepticism as it once was. There are many benefits to subbing out the traditional flour base for a healthier alternative, the main being that it transforms your treat into a source of the myriad health properties and vitamins the substitute base you use is naturally rich in (key word being healthier, you can feel a little less guilty but remember it’s still a treat!)

As strange as it might sound, adzuki bean (or just red bean) is a staple dessert flavour in many Asian countries. Just like chocolate and vanilla, you’ll find red bean in cakes, buns, often paired with matcha and as a popular flavour option in most desserts. Usually made into a paste, adzuki beans have a seductively rich, velvety texture that matches it’s deep, dark shade of red and totally compliments the dark chocolate and fudgey texture of brownies so well.

IMG_6822-7.jpgBeneficial for overall health and especially the health of your heart, adzuki beans are a totally underrated superfood high in minerals such as iron, potassium and folic acid. Being a good source of dietary fibre, adzuki beans not only help the heart but also in reducing cholesterol in the blood, improving digestion and weight management. As an abundant, local ingredient, they’re a steal for how inexpensive and readily available they are in Asia considering the health benefits they provide.


Cherry, almond and chocolate pretty much go hand in hand but paired with the adzuki beans you’ve got a treat that will surprise your tastebuds (a good one, trust me!) I’ve had cherry brownies once before; it was my friends mom who made them and we ate it straight from the pan. I think I even only had one slice but clearly that single slice left a lasting impression on me because here I am, 7 years later trying to make a version that will satisfy my nostalgic cravings…

IMG_6847-15.jpgIMG_6860-18.jpgInfo overload and story telling aside, Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Let these little brownies be my xmas present to you, hope you have a fab time celebrating and lets see what 2017’s got in store for us xxx




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